VR Controller

New controller for Windpark Nijmegen-Betuwe, a VR experience

The current Vive model that was used in the simulation of Windpark Nijmegen-Betuwe didn’t fit the virtual world. The idea was to use some kind of tool to interact with the surroundings.

Although the current controller was ready for a replacement, we still kept the grip part of the vive model to avoid creating a disconnected feeling between the controller and user. So our solution was to combine that part with a grabber. This way the user still relates to the basic functions of the controller while it looks like a tool that fits the particular 3D environment of the wind turbine.

The grabber in action

3D Model of the grabber

The grabber was chosen because all the actions in the experience could be performed using this tool instead of say for example a hammer. Juriën was responsible for modeling, texturing and animating the grabber.