ZOLL’s Virtual Rescue

Become an unexpected hero in ZOLL’s Virtual Rescue

In Virtual Rescue, the user finds himself in a virtual environment where he / she must perform CPR on a victim using the AED. At the end of January 2018 the application “Virtual Rescue for the HTC Vive” debuted successfully on Arab Health. Also other platforms where used to show the experience like the GearVR and Oculus Go.

3D Graphics

The application shows a situation from practice which normally can not be simulated. And thanks to the rich 3D environment, the experience gets an extra level of immersion. Juriën van Beek was responsible for creating the animated characters, the environment and the model of the AED. He recreated the AED with photogrammetry and after some tweaking it turned out to be a very accurate 3D model.

The VR application that demonstrates the Real CPR Help® of Zoll’s AEDs has been developed in cooperation with VR Lab Nijmegen.